About Amber Software Solutions Ltd.

Who we are & what we do.

Amber Software Solutions Ltd.   started its journey in 2011 to provide service as “Software and ICT support company” in Bangladesh as well as globally. Higher echelons and key professionals of Amber Software Solutions Ltd.   are greatly skilled in software development, software marketing, network, ICT and scholars with multi-disciplinary background drawn from various company/institutions. Besides customers satisfaction, Amber Software Solutions Ltd.   is committed to contribute in development of socio-economics, sub-sector service approach and value chain approach to program design, legal and administrative studies for government, corporate organization and international bodies.

Although recently established, Amber Software Solutions Ltd. has been recorded in the good book of clients like UK, USA and India. Its pool of multi-disciplinary experts has long and varied experiences of research and consultancy services.

Major Areas of Interest:

Amber Software Solutions Ltd. has pool of multi-disciplinary experts drawn from different areas of Software, Software Business, Java Programming, Android Programming, Web based ERP Solutions, Web based E-commerce, networking and outsourcing. The priority areas are:

  • Software Development for local and foreign market.
  • Interactive Web page design, Internet Programming.
  • Develop multimedia software for education and entertainment.
  • Networking and data communication.
  • MIS Consultancy.
  • Data processing and data entry.
  • Supply hardware as a part of total Solutions.
  • Human Resource Development Specially in the field of Information Technology.